Petition Drives

I have two petitions on the MO site that are there for comments.  If approved in about 20 days, I will be gathering signatures so they can be put on the ballot for the 2018 election.

Or read about the Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, Birth Control HERE

Or read about School financing for stressed schools in MO HERE

This is a draft of a petition that will be sent to MO this week for approval;

“Be it resolved by the people of the state of Missouri that the Constitution be amended:” READ HERE

and one on a tax for road construction READ HERE 

Just Published article on Daily Kos about taking back rural areas READ HERE



How to use Petitions to increase Democratic turnout in rural areas!

Petition Drives

Making Your Petition Soliciting More Effective

The above are all articles written for Daily Kos and you may read them by clicking on the title, but I have another ready to be published. You can read it here first;

Acquiring new voters in rural areas


If we could just get a few more democratic voters to vote in rural areas, we could swing a lot of elections.  Trying to convert a voter who is a die hard republican is a thankless job and usually a waste of time.  Yet, on almost all projects

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Blue Notes Democratic Newsletter


Missouri Government News:

July 17, 2017         

Know Your Voting Rights

At a time when state and federal government agents are openly trying to make it harder to vote, we need to know our rights and exercise them.  If you haven't seen the Kansas City Star's scathing editorial on the Kris Kobach-led effort to

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Contact list - USA Congress, Governor, and State Democratic Party

Weekly Call to Action



Updated daily, visit their website for more info: Town Hall Project


 House Representatives


DNC and Affiliates

State Democratic Party

50 State Legislatures

This sheet is a list of US Senators and their contact details, and statements/non-statement with regards to Russia interference in the US 2016 Election. It will be updated as we are given new information or statement are delivered.
Maintained by @mysbug33 and @SteampunkJesus, currently up to date for the 115th Congress.

The Easiest Way to Make a Complaint to our Government

Check out Ks and Mo events here

Upstart Resistbot Faxes Lawmakers For You

We can flood their offices with faxes, they have to receive, not just send to the trash bin.  "To mobilize the operation, users simply text the word “resist” to 50409. The automated bot will ask for a name and zip code to determine which public officials to contact. First messages go to senators, but users can also send them to representatives. 

Creativity and clarity are key. Since the service doesn’t handle “form letters,” the user must create his or her own message.

“Our research shows that form letters are totally ignored by Congress. Only original, unique messages count,”  the Resistbot website states. “But they don’t have to be complicated or fancy. Just a few sentences from a real-life voter gets their attention. Don’t worry about typos or mistakes, that just further shows you’re a real person.”


"From 'Left Turn Only"

"Make this your morning ritual. Call 844-241-1141. A recording will tell you what today's issue is then automatically connect you with a congressional representative to leave a message. It's so easy and quick! Today we are calling Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee to demand an inquiry into 45's ties to Russia. Please do this and share.Together we can make a difference."