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February 15, 2017

Jerome Barnes Representative District 28 News Letter


State Representative


28th District


Veterans Committee

Special Committee on

Government Oversight

Special Committee on Tourism




February 16, 2017

Volume 1, No. 6


A panel of the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District on Feb. 21 reversed a lower court’s ruling that the state Department of Corrections violated the state Sunshine Law by refusing to disclose records identifying the compounding pharmacies it contracts with to produce pentobarbital, the drug used to execute condemned inmates in Missouri.

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House Representative Emanual Cleaver summary

You know where I stand 

I attended an Immigration Town Hall meeting held by House Representative Emanual Cleaver at his Career And Technical Center in KCMO today, (Sat Feb 4th). I arrived 10 minutes before the 2 AM start and found

that the auditorium was filled with people standing along the walls and another room with TV available for the overflow crowd. My estimate of the number of seats was over 1000. The crowd consisted of all age groups with a fair representation of blacks.

Emanual Cleaver began by telling a story which I will try to keep as accurate as possible. He told of his grandfather (?) telling him a story daily of when the Confederates came into the part of Texas where they lived. He said all the slave ran and hid except for one Black Lady. She stood in the middle of the street holding a broom.

When the solders came to her, the commander asked if she thought she would be able to stop them. She walked up to him and slapped him with her broom, then replied, “No, but you know where I stand”.

Later on he explained that there has been an immigration bill available all of last year and even now. He said it would pass if it were brought to the floor. But Speaker of the House will not bring it before the floor because he knows it will pass.

I say is is time for us to let Ryan know where we stand!