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Petition Drives

I have two petitions on the MO site that are there for comments.  If approved in about 20 days, I will be gathering signatures so they can be put on the ballot for the 2018 election.

Check out at click here.

Or read about the Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, Birth Control HERE

Or read about School financing for stressed schools in MO HERE

How to use Petitions to increase Democratic turnout in rural areas!

Petition Drives

Making Your Petition Soliciting More Effective

The above are all articles written for Daily Kos and you may read them by clicking on the title, but I have another ready to be published. You can read it here first;

Acquiring new voters in rural areas


If we could just get a few more democratic voters to vote in rural areas, we could swing a lot of elections.  Trying to convert a voter who is a die hard republican is a thankless job and usually a waste of time.  Yet, on almost all projects

that we are for, 60 to even 90% of the total population, agrees with us.

Using this logic, why don’t we try to put a petition on the ballot that most agree with.  Forget about it being a democratic or republican issue.  Make it an issue most want, even need, and then let the republicans try to shoot it down with their illogical arguments.  

Let me give an example.  In MO, for instance, what if we are collecting a petition for expanding Medicaid.  Rural areas of MO are losing small town hospitals and can’t attract Doctors.  This meets a key position of issues, it doesn’t cost anything.  The argument can be made that states and towns will save enough money from what the program contributes to the state to more than pay for the small amount of shared state cost.  In fact, it will save the state millions.  

Let the Republicans come out against that petition which they will.  

Now while we are collecting signatures on a petition, we can be signing up voters.  After all, many of the rural areas will have a large share of the population needing Medicaid.  We don’t have to even mention that it is a Democratic issue.  When they go to vote, they will remember the huge amounts of money and effort the Republican party has spent trying to keep this benefit away from them.

And if they still vote Republican, at least they will have insurance and at the next election, they will once more hear the Republicans trying to take away their Medicaid.

Let us examine another issue.  In MO, the rural school districts struggle because of the lack of money in the counties.  The state has been reducing aid.  So what if we had a petition bringing in more money for the school districts.  If we put the tax on large corporations, then there would be no cost to the rural citizens.  Of course, the Republicans are going to try to protect their protectors and the end result might be the same as in the above sample.  

I really believe that if we cater to the rural districts without costing them money, we can ensure success.  You may want to read my article on Petition Drives posted recently here at Daily Kos.


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