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This sheet is a list of US Senators and their contact details, and statements/non-statement with regards to Russia interference in the US 2016 Election. It will be updated as we are given new information or statement are delivered.
Maintained by @mysbug33 and @SteampunkJesus, currently up to date for the 115th Congress.

Petition Drives

I have two petitions on the MO site that are there for comments.  If approved in about 20 days, I will be gathering signatures so they can be put on the ballot for the 2018 election.

Check out at click here.

Or read about the Medicaid, Planned Parenthood, Birth Control HERE

Or read about School financing for stressed schools in MO HERE

How to use Petitions to increase Democratic turnout in rural areas!

Petition Drives

Making Your Petition Soliciting More Effective

The above are all articles written for Daily Kos and you may read them by clicking on the title, but I have another ready to be published. You can read it here first;

Acquiring new voters in rural areas


If we could just get a few more democratic voters to vote in rural areas, we could swing a lot of elections.  Trying to convert a voter who is a die hard republican is a thankless job and usually a waste of time.  Yet, on almost all projects

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The Easiest Way to Make a Complaint to our Government

Check out Ks and Mo events here

Upstart Resistbot Faxes Lawmakers For You

We can flood their offices with faxes, they have to receive, not just send to the trash bin.  "To mobilize the operation, users simply text the word “resist” to 50409. The automated bot will ask for a name and zip code to determine which public officials to contact. First messages go to senators, but users can also send them to representatives. 

Creativity and clarity are key. Since the service doesn’t handle “form letters,” the user must create his or her own message.

“Our research shows that form letters are totally ignored by Congress. Only original, unique messages count,”  the Resistbot website states. “But they don’t have to be complicated or fancy. Just a few sentences from a real-life voter gets their attention. Don’t worry about typos or mistakes, that just further shows you’re a real person.”


"From 'Left Turn Only"

"Make this your morning ritual. Call 844-241-1141. A recording will tell you what today's issue is then automatically connect you with a congressional representative to leave a message. It's so easy and quick! Today we are calling Republican members of the House Judiciary Committee to demand an inquiry into 45's ties to Russia. Please do this and share.Together we can make a difference." 


Jerome Barnes Representative District 28 News Letter

State Representative JEROME BARNES 28th District Missouri Government News: (MO Government news comes from Rep. Jerome Barnes of the 28th District this week)

WEEKLY CAPITOL UPDATE June 15, 2017 Volume 1, No. 23 House Seal 2 color Quick Links: GOVERNOR SIGNS REAL ID COMPLIANCE BILL INTO LAW Gov. Eric Greitens on June 12 signed a bill into law that seeks to bring Missouri driver’s licenses into compliance with the federal REAL ID Act of 2005. Although many states initially resisted the federal law due to privacy concerns, that resistance dwindled to the point where Missouri was one of just four states that still hadn’t complied. The approval of a REAL ID

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Missouri & Kansas Events

Rally For A Living Wage


On Sat, July 8th at 1:00pm, downtown library Rm 310, DeAndre Jones, the new Regional Organizing Manager will be at the meeting to discuss where OFA is headed and to meet all of you.








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Marches and Assemblies


Act Indivisible: This Week’s To-Do List

  1. Use our new Stop TrumpCare June toolkit to plan your coordinated visits and sit-ins at your Senator’s office.
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  2. Use our new state-by-state map of the impact of TrumpCare to inform your calls, letters to the editor, and conversations with your Senators on how this disastrous bill will impact you and your neighbors—and find the right staffers in their offices to direct your calls and emails (we’ve done the work for you).
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  3. Turn up the heat on your Senators daily using the right resources:
    1. For Democrats: Use our script to demand that they slow down Senate business by withholding consent on all regular Senate business, and prepare to filibuster by amendment until and unless there are public hearings on TrumpCare. After your visits and calls, use these great social media shareables from Indivisible Data to hold your Democrats accountable and demand they #WithholdConsent.
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    2. For Republicans: After you’ve planned your visits (see #1), make sure they hear from you that oppose TrumpCare, on both substance and process. Use this script to call them and demand that they protect our care.
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    3. For constituents in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia: Visit and use the daily call scripts and information to email Chiefs of Staff and Health Staff.
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Let’s not waste any time: your work this week is what will win the TrumpCare fight. Senate Republicans are planning to vote on their still-secret bill in the next two weeks. We still don’t have text. Or a CBO score. And Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is too busy twisting arms and cutting deals with your Senators to meet with patient groups like the March of Dimes and the American Heart Association. But none of that will matter in the end: if they get the votes, they’ll pass it in the dead of night, without any public input, and without knowing its full impact on your family. McConnell will schedule this bill for a vote as soon as he secures enough support. So If you wait until a vote is scheduled to act, you’ve waited too long.

Whether you have a Democratic or Republican Senator, it’s time to step up our constituent power game and win this thing.

In solidarity,

Ezra Levin
Co-Executive Director
Indivisible Project



 Immigration Town Hall hosted by Congressman Cleaver

  • Sat at 2 PM-4PM Feb 4th
  • Emanual Cleaver Career and Technical Center
  • 1215 Truman Rd, Kansas City Mo 64916

 Summary of meeting:

You know where I stand 

I attended an Immigration Town Hall meeting held by House Representative Emanual Cleaver at his Career And Technical Center in KCMO today, (Sat Feb 4th). I arrived 10 minutes before the 2 AM start and found

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