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Hello! I’ve created a GoFundMe to help with printing, postage, shipping and other expenses. You can check out my GoFundMe and donate here: Click Here

Ever wonder how far you would go if someone took your child? 


"Talk to Me Dad!"  available on Amazon

Extra Money with Jewelry Sales
None of your money involved

  • No Shipping or delivery (we ship first class for 2 to 4 day delivery)
  • No Inventory needed
  • We collect and take care of sales tax
  • No money passes through your hands
  • You get paid the next day

All you need is a phone or notebook!

We provide a web site where you place the order, take the credit card payment...

"That Simple"

Whether you just want to sell to friends, have jewelry parties, or sell along side a business you already have, nothing could be easier.



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